allisons fast turn around and home with boys

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lola and ezz with the foals mr magoo and chester 1st day in scotland chester wondering what will happen if i go in
cctv in front of box allison can keep a eye on them morning rest for kerrie and baby elaine joe and ann sorry to see them go but so happy with the new home with allison
mr magoo says i am last in but i will fit i going to the boys enjoying the morning sun 1st day in scotland rain in omeath so be happy boys the boys looking to make sure thay got enough food for the trip
moove your bum over chester magoo got to get in yet allison had to see holly the start of it all one of hollys girls rosie
bobby boy this old man is on his way back to being a lovely looking boy chester thinking do i want to go from my hollys family clint poor boy blind in one eye  needs building up and bad hoofs but still a sweet boy
Photos 1 - 15 out of 28 | Back to Albums
Description: allison came from scotland to pick up her boys but was not with us long enough
Location: allison had to see what she could in 2 hrs