horses in rugs

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the boys in pink, Takes good food and lots of love to look this good!!! joey thanks alana thanks wendy just my colour and size
migise looking to see if we got his new rug so blue can have his back thea in new rug thanks alana chloe in one of the rugs that we got after the quiz night
asher thinks rugs are daft jigsaw in one of the quiz night rugs blue i got my rug back in time for the snow
blue and jigsaw glad that rugs are on drifter says my rug a bit big but i dont care its warm
this is rosie in the rug that was sent to us by the lady that lost her horse riley this year rosie says thank you rosir and cheeky girl with rugs on thanks for sending them
nibbles would not have hers on today try again in morning its not just horses and ponys that get rugs at hollys
pablo is still looking for a home can you give him one think about it :)
Photos 1 - 15 out of 17 | Back to Albums
Location: some of the horses in new rugs