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As agreed at meeting if you are concerned about any horses/ponies please do not hesitate to contact:-
Elaine:- 0868650360
Joe:- 0863357775
Pete:- -868291736
Here at Holly’s Horse Haven,

Please sign & share our  petition - http://www.causes.com/actions/1704166<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> Every single signature is vital to us & vital to the ponies<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> For Detail's Please Click!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> http://www.hollyshorsehaven.com/hollys-voice-mountain-ponies-louth<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR PUBLIC MEETING TO DISCUSS OUR CHARITIES PLAN OF ACTION TO SAVE THE ABANDONED/NEGLECTED MOUNTAIN PONIES?<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />  Wed 12th December 8pm - Foy Centre, Carlingford (up beside the school))<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />  ALL WELCOME!




Please sign & share our petition



You don’t have to live in the area to help  – there is no distance or boundaries with love! 

Dead foal


A member of the public e mailed us very upset stating that a disturbing incident on Wednesday the 3rd of April whereupon i encountered three abandoned horses standing beside a dead foal. This was just above the snow line on Black mountain Ravensdale side. The coordinates are approx lat 1608 lat 0907 long sheet n36. this is the road to the mast coming from Ravensdale side about a kilometer before the junction with the rd from the other side of the mountain. (windy gap side?) The dead foal is on the left hand side of the road. When i was there the other three horses started to move down hill. 

At present there are seven dead horses in different areas on the mountain, and certain horse owners who have there horses/ponies up on the Cooley mountains continue to insist there are none!!! Perhaps now they will begin to believe as the camera DOES’NT LIE!! 

Holly’s charity are a back up service for the government bodies (NOT SEIZURE) and over the past two months have taken in over a dozen horses, ponies, Shetlands and Tb all taken by the Co. Vet into the pound and after the 5 day probation period they came to us, however as we have been saying over the past few weeks, if we don’t home (Foster/adopt) as many of the 60+ we have in the rescue at present then we are not in a position to help these ponies who desperately need it! We do feel however these animals are better taken off the mountain and put to sleep rather than slowly starving to death like those lying dead on the mountain as starvation is a slow and agonizing death for any creature. The government, Co. council and our charity are very aware of the current situation on the Cooley mountains (and across the nation) (we are taking our first 5 horses from the Galway mountain’s next week) and they have another 300 abandoned ponies/horses remaining on the mountain and are trying to sort it out asap! And it is the same story on every mountain region across the land! 

Please visit our charities “Voice For the Mountain Ponies campaign page on our web site:- http://www.hollyshorsehaven.com/hollys-voice-mountain-ponies-louth

God If only our charity had more room, resources, volunteers, maybe we could do more for these poor creatures, but would you agree or disagree that taking them down off this harsh, barren, uninhabitable region to put them to sleep is better than THIS!!!
Please share your thoughts?? 

In response to questions recently asked as to whether Holly’s charity agrees with the 34 horses recently lifted of the Cooley mountains? We wish to first clarify that Holly’s charity are a 24/7 back up service for all government bodies and as such have NO say concerning what these bodies decide to do reference trying to control this very difficult and sometimes heartbreaking situation. However we must say that we would rather see ponies/horses humanly put to sleep rather than starving slowly to death on a Barron mountain in extreme weather (much like we are experiencing at present) and we will always stand over our opinion that  it is a long, long journey back from starvation and we know first hand about this struggle!

But these horses/ponies lifted of the mountain were owned and loved I hear you say!!!

Well if they were then where were their passports to support this? We as an official charity have to produce and carry the extra expense of pass-porting all our rescue horses/ponies, and if they were pass-ported and were lifted  then this is exactly what we are trying to make our nation understand! We as a charity and all these government bodies have NO WAY OF IDENTIFYING NEGLECTED OR ABANDONED horses/ponies without visible markings put on all the personally owned horses/ponies to enable us to identify those (AT RISK)

Until we acknowledge the fact that a lot of people in our nation are taking advantage of waste ground, Mountain regions and commonage ground to slip through a network of government rules and regulations (that registered organisations regulated by the authorities must adhere to)   and continue to leave these animals without continued support and supervision we must understand that those in authority have no choice but to listen to public pressure to do something about this very difficult problem!

We are also not opposed to ponies being on the mountain (not unlike the Dartmoor ponies) however in a controlled, monitored program where a care program is in place and STALLIONS are not permitted to roam freely with mares covered in a responsible and manageable way.

All we ask  is that you all understand we are here for the PONIES/HORSES, and just ask you reflect on the picture above and ask yourselves is this a loving, caring act!

Elaine & Joe Duffy

God grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.


Saving one horse will not change the world……. 

But will change the world……. 

For that ONE HORSE!

Holly’s charity will be running a public petition both on-line & in the Media and  we hope you will ALL sign to pledge your support so we can present our petition to the relevant authorities.

Is this Cruelty acceptable?

Is this Cruelty acceptable?

This is the horrible scene that met Joe, Peter & volunteers recently on the Cooley mountains! This poor wee darling pony dumped to die with his wee friend standing over him not understanding why his only friend wasn’t responding to him. Garett Shine County Vet of course yet again!!! had to pick up the pieces both emotionally and financially to ensure this poor wee creature was taken care of and removed with respect! This owner (monster) left the wee pony to die in agony after using and abusing it and his wee friend just stood there! Not knowing what to do (the picture tells the story) Holly’s had to use a similar wee rescue to his friend to gently coax him away so Garett Shine & Co. Council could arrange disposing of her friends remains ( This is local co. funding that should be used for local needs being drained unnecessarily) and what cruelty!!
Holly’s are expecting five Mountain ponies from Galway for our backing/homing program as soon as we can arrange transport from Galway to Omeath as we are currently trying to fund-raise tax & insurance for our lorry (which is off the road) so anyone who can help or knows anyone with a transport lorry to support us we will be so great full!
This struggle for these 2013 war ponies/horses is not an easy task but with all of your help we can move mountains!
Also with the on-going support of Gerry Adams and his amazing team we can continue to be there for our country’s mountain ponies!
X Holly’s Gang





Our sincere thanks to our TD for the Louth/East Meath constituency

Gerry Adams, (http://www.sinnfein.ie/contents/20204) AND ALL HIS PARTY who last week brought our struggle to identifyabandoned/neglected ponies & horses on our Cooley Mountain regions to the attention of Dáil Éireann!

Taking up the gauntlet to support our charities challenge to call for legal changes to be make in order to tackle the ever increasing problem of abandoned/neglected equines on both these mountains and also across our nations mountain’s & waste land we are delighted with his parties amazing support to date and with their continued help our charity will continue with our campaign to bring about the necessary changes required to relieve the unnecessary suffering being inflected on these innocent animals!

WE ARE NOW ONE STEP CLOSER! – To implementing our required Legal changes!!!!

Charities main objectives:-

  • To  raise public awareness about the plight of these poor defenceless mountain ponies & horses! 
  • Organise immediate emergency support – before inclement conditions cause unnecessary hardship!
  • Implement a strategy in order to identify all abandoned/neglected/starving horses & ponies on the mountain. (this will mean rounding upALL horses & ponies on commonage ground  in order that the relevant authorities can scan ALL horses & Ponies (owned or abandoned) for micro chips in order that our charity can then identify those in need and progress with our care programme. 
  • Request that visible markings (from a distance – through binoculars) be applied to all owed equines on the mountains (like sheep markings) so we can identify any abandoned animals! 
  • Lobby government to permanently disallow any stallions to roam freely on the mountains (as they are a danger to the public) & will not conform with our Charities no-breeding policies (private owners can secure their stallions and have mares covered away from the mountain and then returned when covered)  
  • Implement a gelding programme for all abandoned stallions/colts on the mountain who will then be signed into the charity to contain & control breeding. 
  • Encourage public support  so we can implement a care/feeding programme for the horse & ponies. 
  • Lobby Council/government to permit Holly’s Horse Haven Charity to erect suitable enclosures to corral the neglected/abandoned horses/ponies signed into the charity by relevant authorities. 
  • Coordinate a fundraising campaign to support our care package.   
  • Lobby public support for our petition to present to the relevant authoritative bodies for support to carry out this mammoth task! 
Our charity feels this mountain terrain is simply NOT SUITABLE OR SAFE  for ponies or horses! 

Any grass on the mountain over the summer is NOW GONE!!! And these ponies/horses have nothing left! We cannot rely on individual owners to insure all these animals are taken care of! Garrett Shine Co. Vet can also only do so much as it is impossible to distinguish between owned and abandoned ponies/horses, these animals are a public concern! Do we have to wait for someone to die in a road accident? We need to act NOW but we need to distinguish abandoned ponies/horses before we can support them with a programme of care.



UP TO 100 abandoned horses (and rising) are roaming the Cooley Mountains, in such bad condition that one had to be put down on the roadside, the Argus has learned.
The stray horses have accumulated in number over the last few months, according to County Veterinary Officer, Garrett Shine, grazing mainly on x commonage.

‘We have been called out to various locations on the mountains over the last month, when horses were reported straying on public roads,’ said Garrett, who heads up Louth County Council’s veterinary unit.
‘When we last responded, the horses were in such bad condition that one had to be put down along the side of the road. It was skin and bones, and and nearly on its last breath.’
He explained that as the economic climate worsened, the local authority has responded to an increasing number of incidents where horses are dumped.
‘It is almost getting to a situation where people are dumping horses in the countryside in the way we have seen unwanted dogs and cats dumped,’ said Garrett.’ The terrain up on the Cooley mountains is simply not suitable for horses to survive long term. the land is suitable for sheep and goats, but there are few places for horses to graze.’
He added that as more and more are left along the mountainside, they are beginning to breed and their numbers are increasing.
‘ There could be up to 100 up on the mountains at this stage. A lot of them are wild horses, and they are are very difficult to corral.’
Horses which are captured by the veterinary unit have only a limited chance of being re-homed, and department regulations state that after a certain number of days, they will be euthanized.
‘We do work with Holly’s Horse Haven in Omeath as much as possible to find new homes, but there are so many being abandoned that it is not possible re-home each one.’ The county vet suggested that a multi agency strategy is needed, including the micro-chipping of all horses, which is now a requirement under new legislation.

 Holly’s Horse Haven intend to do everything in their power to help & support as many of their area’s mountain ponies/horses as they can, They have already rescued and homed numerous mountain ponies, but winter is approaching fast and they simply cannot go through another horrendous winter listening to hundreds of concerned calls from the public who are questioning what is happening with them? The mountain in our opinion is NOT suitable or safe for either ponies/horses and we simply cannot continue to stand by and watch the disgraceful behaviour that surrounds these animals:

“In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars– For hope burns bright!”


(Open forum – to add your comments)  – e mail hollyshorsehaven@hotmail.co.uk

  •  Those who  have ponies on the mountain claim them when they are fit & well but no-one owns them when they are unwell needing medical attention – these owners leave it to the already overstretched Co. Council to pay the cost of up lift and ourselves to care for those who are quiet enough to be handled to be taken into our charity. However due to lack of human attention they are totally wild and much to old to re train which leaves the government no choice but to destroy many.
  •  Many are allowed to wander on to the main road which is both a danger to themselves and humans using the roads, although we have been informed by certain horse owners on the mountain that if a HUMAN runs into one of their horses then the human is liable for damages!!! We did ask what price they would put on the human life that is lost due to their loose horses on the road system, “We got no reply” We lifted wee Pete a 15mth colt from the road at the foot of the Carlingford mountain last Sunday evening in response to a phone call from the traffic Garda, he had been turned out on the mountain by his owners who no longer wanted him the head collar had been removed before he was let loose so it was very difficult to catch him and he was obviously tethered as he was badly cut across his nose where the head collar was to tight. It took three hours to catch and box him with injuries to his foot, nose and ear he has since been gelded and put on a feeding programme by our charity and is doing very well.
  • We also have been informed that it took the Co. Louth Council, tax payers resources and unaffordable time to remove a dead horse from one of the rivers on the mountains overlooking Omeath which supplies the water system for the local drinking water. 
  • We have been informed that there are certain people involved with animals on the mountain who are putting stakes in the ground in order that the mountain ponies/horses are injured and thus taken off the mountain “May God forgive them!
  • Any horses or ponies on the mountain that are not chipped must have NO owners  leaving the Co. Vet Garrett Shine open to lifting them as by law they are now supposed to be chipped and passported to their owners and as such need to be sorted out. 
  • Some people are afraid to go for a hack across the mountains or ride along the roads in the local area as there are a number of stallions roaming wild on the mountain which can be a potential danger to horse & rider especially during summer months.
  • We have also been informed that there has been a number of carcasses on parts of the mountain which are just left there to rot, this is not acceptable.
We are NOT going to hold back our opinion reference these equines as we strongly feel this whole situation needs to be addressed immediately. 
Holly’s intend to form a Save the mountain ponies/horses group backed up by  the local authorities to round up all ponies/horses on the mountain where we can scan them and any ponies/horses that are not chipped will be removed!
We have just had our first Public  “Voice for the Mountain Ponies Campaign” :- 
Thanks so much to everyone who turned up at our “Voice Of the Mountain Ponies Campaign” Public meeting. It was a great turn out and very encouraging to see the attitude of the public who are really willing to try to support our charity in identifying any abandoned/neglected horses/ponies on the mountain.
We hope you can continue to support our charity in the future and we hope to meet up with the public early in the new year!
Any information you have or if you wish to join our campaign or sign our Save the mountain ponies petition,  please e mail us at:
hollyshorsehaven@hotmail.co.uk (putting Save the Mountain Ponies in the subject bar)