Youth Equine/Social Programme

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Our Holly’s Youth – Equine/Social Programme

Our Youth training/social program will be sensitive to learning difficulties & special needs

Max 6 clients – per group                        11am – 2pm  


Through our charities youth training/social  programme those participating  will learn to interact with both our public volunteers and rescue horses in a variety of activities, including grooming, feeding, walking and equine care, which should improve physical &  psychological health as they all experience a bonding  with our rescues first hand. 


Our students will  also be made aware of the necessary skills required to work in welfare/rescue , 


  • Social skills
  • Compassion, empathy 
  •  Numeracy skills 
  • Communication skills
  •  Reading skills  
  • Teamwork  

Slowly & steadily our volunteers begin to understand many of  the horses ponies & donkey’s they are handling are coming from circumstances to horrible to describe, and rely on their  love, care & compassion. 

The primary benefit that any individual gains from their experience at our equine charity is that they are replacing any negative insecure behaviour with a positive activity and as they progresses within our charity we are working together to focus on building a confident comfortable atmosphere which in turn leaves our sometimes very stressed, upset horses & pones also feeling more relaxed.

Our training/social/therapy programmes will support care service’s to achieve these objectives by offering a rest-bite service which also incorporates a back to nature experience offering every individual the opportunity to train as a volunteer within our charity. This will  lead to an understanding that they can experience developing their disabilities into abilities by supporting our care programme for our nations rescue horses, ponies & donkeys.

 Every individual can also (choose to enter avail of our training course) where they will experience personal self achievement’s by enjoying the invigorating accomplishments of obtaining related accredited qualifications in volunteering & horse care.

Training/Social programme

Arrive 11am

  • Coffee/Tea & a chat
  • Basic Care & Stable management
  • Grooming programme for rescue horses
  • Animal husbandry  programme
  • Horticultural Programme (New year)
  • Feeding Rocky the Rooster & his lady friends (the chickens) + Gathering the eggs.
  • Baking – Cookies, buns, Soda Bread, Scones, Cakes etc
  • Cooking preparation – for lunch (all home grown organic vegetables & freshly baked breads etc
  • Preparing lunch


Optional:-   Craft support programme for our charity fund-raising project.

(All proceeds go 100% to support our rescues)