The phone rang shrilly. An urgent, relentless noise cut into the air. An ear piercing ring. A shrill so cutting you almost sense something wasn’t right. ‘Can you come right now’ Peter requested.  Peter had just received a call from a woman to say ‘something’ was screaming on the side of the mountain. The caller was sure it was a donkey but the sound she was hearing was out of this world.  Joe grabbed his coat and headed out to hook up the horse box; Peter arrived with the jeep to help out.  They left not knowing what to expect or what was in front of them…

Nothing could surprise Peter and Joe after some of the experiences they have already had in the past few months; but every experience is different.   A few minutes later they arrived on the side of the mountain. It was mid winter; the snow and wind were howling venomously. With coats and hats pulled down tightly they started up the hill.  What they found will haunt them until the day they die.

Tethered to the ground in the middle of the field (on the exposed side of the mountain) was a little donkey.  He could hardly stand up he was so ill and the hysterical fear in his eyes was sole destroying. Someone had left him tied and abandoned to die a slow agonising death with no food or water just driving hail and sleet biting into his hanging skin, right to his very bones of his body. Joe, Peter & Suki were used to seeing life when it is not so kind.  Never in all their lives have they experienced anything like the poor wreck that was left for dead standing in front of them.  It brought tears to their eyes. The three rescuers could smell the donkey from the bottom of the field and knew something was not right. He was bound to have infection somewhere. Suki’s stomach turned. That wasn’t important though, not at this stage.  Getting that donkey onto the horse box was more important, getting him out of the driving hail and freezing conditions was the main priority. Cutting the rope which tethered him to the ground was the most rewarding feeling Joe could ever experience.  Very slowly they walked the poor soul down into the horse box, he just followed without question, and no fuss as his alternative was death. Alfie walked into the box and out into a new life, a new existence, a life of compassion and joy a paradise of unconditional love!! A home in Holly’s Horse Haven!!

The vet was already waiting for us at Alfie’s already prepared, lovely, warm, comfortable stable.  Alfie had to be sedated and the head collar which had embedded itself into his little head had to be surgically removed. It had cut into the skin so deep that it was covered by infected skin which had to be cut away and cleaned.  A huge lump of skin had amassed under his chin and had to be removed and stitched. After his clean up, tetanus and antibiotic injections, it was discovered Alfie had double phenomena. Alfie was on deaths door and the vet thought the next 48 hours would be crucial.

Joe & Suki jumped in at the deep end and offered to check on Alfie every two hours day and night for the next few days to make sure he survived.  Alfie was fed warm baby milk in a syringe every two hours and all his medication had to be injhected into him.  Alfie had to be kept wrapped up warm and comfortable in his cosy little stable. The vet called out every few days to check up on him but didn’t give much hope! But God was good and three days later he began to show signs of recovery.  First Alfie accepted a little bread soaked in the baby milk and then moved on to a little 18% foal feed.

Alfie is now the king of all.  King Alfred thinks he owns and rules everything and is the most love and adored donkey on the face of this earth. He is never ever left alone in a field, he always has company and is never tied, tethered or closed into enclosed spaces.  He loves his family and friends and spends all his time living the good life. Alfie will always be with us to the day he dies and will never ever spend winter outside. He will always be in his warm, cosy comfortable stable with all the staff at Holly’s Horse Haven at his command.

Unconditionally of course!! E ahh E ahhhhhh!!!

Official  Charity Reg No:- CHY 19316