A Little Piece Of Heaven



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Holly’s Horse Haven, located in Omeath, Co Louth have for 10 years been a 100% voluntary 24/7 critical care & rehabilitation center. Named after our first rescue horse “HOLLY” the main aim of our charity is to strive to support equines in need. At Holly’s charity we also through our “Creature Care” programmes encourage individuals to embrace our bespoke community based rehabilitation and support process (reciprocal therapy).

“When Horse & Human are broken by life, by rescuing the horse, I too am rescued”. 



Our Creature Care programmes and workshops promote’s animal education, welfare and social development through a creature consciousness,  holistic, cultural and therapeutic model. Enhanced by a green prescription initiative we offer a well-being / Eco therapy intervention to all those participating. 

Intervention components include: Organic growing (herbs for healing), social connection, cultural skills, mindfulness, well-being and expressive arts, using our multi-faceted, multi-tiered model.

Giving of yourself especially to rescued animals is reaching out an unconditional hand of love in often desperate circumstances and the connection between animal & human can be the beginning of an incredible mental and spiritual journey. Our “Creature Care” programmes are here to facilitate that experience and in return our human perceptions begin to change and intensify, we gently and gradually become more in tune with the lingering sense of oneness between animal & human, a state of unification where healing, strength & courage begin to flow from one to the other enabling our energies and emotions to evolve by slowing us down to connect with the spirit of the rescue.






JOE CREATURE CONSCIOUSNESSOur creature Consciousness experience is a reciprocal engagement (What you give, You receive!) that affords all those partaking in the rehabilitation of our many rescues the opportunity to enable them to not only make a difference to their own lives but to the lives of our very special rescues! 

Compassion, community, caring, love, companionship, giving, are all attributes these rescues have to offer.










A little Piece Of Heaven:

Written by Dr. Mark Harrold, Senior Clinical Psychologist with the Irish Health Board :-

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In Ireland lend has it that at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold. While most of us continue to chase the rainbows in vain, there is a place which is real and is truly magical. It is called Holly’s Horse Haven which is on the border between Northern and Southern Ireland.


If you can imagine a place that rescues abused and vulnerable horses. Imagine then that they welcome people with special needs to come and look after these horses.

And then they are supported by volunteers from both sides of the border. Religious and political persuasion are irrelevant. Only the need to support vulnerable members of the community (both people and animals) is what drives this wondrous location. 

Holly's Horse Haven / Leanne Dunne 2Holly’s is run by Elaine, Joe & family, they had a dream of setting up a rescue centre of horses. When they started this journey they had no idea that it would turn out to be a place where people with special needs could learn, for the first time, that caring for others is just as important as looking out for themselves. Elaine and Joe welcomed people who had great difficulty adapting to the traditional routine of day care facilities. They have taught our vulnerable adults the importance of caring for others. For once, our people with special needs were learning how to give help and assistance rather than being on the receiving end of it. And for each and every one of them, it has proven to be a life changing experience. They no longer seek attention by acting out or becoming verbally or physically abusive. They have assumed the responsibility of looking after vulnerable animals and have thrived as a result. They recognise that the world does not revolve around them and that they have a lot of assistance and caring to give to vulnerable and needy animals

 The volunteers, in turn, have been lifted by the presence of people who see the world in a slightly more simplified way than they do. And that has proven to be a hugely enhancing experience for them. Working with people with special needs compels the volunteers to slow down to their pace and to recognise the outstanding qualities people who have been written off by others possess. Joy, positively, non-judgmental and straight-talking are just some of the qualities people with special needs possess. They bring an enthusiasm to their work that most employer only dream about. Always on time and always good humoured.

SMALL SUMMER CAMP 2014 109The animal welfare environment particularly seems to bring out the best in our vulnerable adults. Elaine and Joe are true visionaries. They are driven by the kindness in their hearts. They have opened Holly’s to all comers. Their warmth and generosity emanates from every corner of this little piece of Heaven. It truly does feel like the rainbow’s end. Various entities have collided to create what I consider to be the perfect place. And I have not yet even mentioned the tremendous success they have on an ongoing basis in rehabilitating hundreds of horses every year though out Ireland. But Elaine and Joe do not want to stop there.


Having learned so much from their experiences to date, they want to expand. They want to create residential units for vulnerable adults. They plan to expand the range of activities available to participants into areas such as horticulture and raising animals such as chickens and ducks. They dream of creating a state of the art facility right in the centre of their centre overlooking the indescribably beautiful Carlingford Lough.


The plans are in place!


If you are interested in helping make this dream come true, and in doing so enabling many more people with special needs lead meaningful lives in Ireland, please consider coming on board by contacting:

hollyscharity@hotmail.com or hollyshorsehaven@hotmail.co.uk