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Holly’s Horse Haven charity, located in Omeath, Co Louth have for 10yrs now been a 100% voluntary 24/7 cross border critical care & rehabilitation charity. Named after our first rescue horse “HOLLY” our main aim is to strive to support animal welfare while creating socialisation & confidence for all by increasing empathy with our Irish rescues. Our primary objective originally addressed national Equine rescue due to identifying the lack of 24/7 critical care facilities in the country during the decline of the Celtic Tiger, and through the years we have supported so many government bodies, and rescued and rehabilitated countless horses, ponies & donkeys, with 71 rescues here with us at present. However in retrospect of our Equine welfare programmes we also experienced an Eco-evolution derived over the years by the social needs of our many visitors to our charity as we identified the significance of the therapeutic element that horses bring to humans through our “Equine Reciprocal” therapy Model  

*** When Horse & Human are broken by life, by rescuing the horse, I too am rescued!***   

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Through this experience plus requests for more diverse projects our charity began addressing the concept of incorporating a “Creature Consciousness & Go Green Community” by expanding our Model to include a platform to promote Animal welfare education, social/community programmes, holistic and Eco growing projects that reach out to our many supporters encouraging engagement with our many “Back to Nature” projects, with all donations going 100% towards the care & rehabilitation of our many rescues. 



 Hollys Horse Haven Also any of our Holly’s friends who have family in the USA, CANADA or AUSTRALIA please ask them all to please support & share our “SAVE HOLLY’S BY PLEDGING €1 OR £1 PER MONTH CAMPAIGN” In order to support us keeping our doors open! X Holly’s Gang


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Christmas-Card-HollysHorseHaven_Card2-3-300x200Please click image to view Art work from our kind sponsor Eithne Ni Anluain

(If you do however have a wonderful home to offer and the donation for your riding horse/pony is a problem then you can always think of supporting the donation with a fund-raiser  

(Please see our fundraising ideas on our web site) –http://www.hollyshorsehaven.com/about-us/help
A very small minority of our adoptive families have however preferred to bring on their (suitable for riding)  horse/pony (their own way) and will kindly try to help us with their donation in support  of the on-going care their rescue (and friends ) received while here at our Charity – vet bills, feed etc and there kind support is always greatly appreciated. All other un-backed, companion (cannot be ridden) & under 3 year’s a donation of €80 to cover chipping & Pass-porting is requested
Together we can help these horses live their lives out respectfully and fruitfully;



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King Toby

What a fantastic ending to a fantastic journey… This just shows how important it is for one to one attention for some of our rescues…. It really can change their lives.




All Horses/ponies  that are not abandoned but privately owned must provide a vet report (which will be followed up) as our charity DO  NOT PROVIDE long term palliative care, and mainly focus on 24/7 critical care & backing/rehabilitation of our abandoned horses & ponies to enable them to find their loving forever homes. 

The Charity is NOT in a position to take on the expense of dealing with domestic horses/ponies who have given their owners many years of joy and love and in turn only deserve to be cared for and treated with dignity & respect, not placed with a charity while needing long term medication or in worst cases put to sleep to save them pain and misery. 

We also cannot expect our wonderful supporters to take these poor equines as companions as they would have to be responsible for the extra expense of vet bills, medication & specialist diets, instead our already overburdened charity has to shoulder this expense which in turn would provide treatment and care for many critical care /neglected/abandoned animals. 

Please realise your commitment to your long term pets who have given you their all and do not burden charities with your own responsibilities .


 New Charity Album – Released soon

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Our Gathering is free  – however a gift basket will be passed around

& kind permission to promote the Cd afterwards will be appreciated

(Cd €10 – All proceeds – after costs will go towards supporting the horses!)

Before and after Baby


Mountain pony




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Truth 1

You know I was asked a few days ago if we were a charity why would we even consider putting any horses to sleep & why can’t we contact other rescue charities who may be handling things better then us (as we are only a new charity less then four years old) and perhaps the more established charities like the IHWT, ISPCA or Crosskennan might be able to do better? And you know I have pondered over this for a few days now (you know when its upsets you soooooo deep you can’t even find the words to talk about it!!!) and I feel I really want to tell you all what is in MY heart!

Joe and I never intended to become a charity, as I always say it kind of sneaked up and bit us on the bum! And even though it was not our planned life journey we have taken the challenge on with open hearts and a positive attitudes making a meaningful difference in the lives of neglected and at-risk horses & ponies throughout the country through direct intervention, education, community outreach, the raising of awareness, and through hands-on horse rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing.

Our rescues are also integrated into our Equine therapy program, a relatively new type of rehab therapy which teaches youth, disabled, troubled & addicted individuals how to care and be responsible for others, it involves the caring for horses as a means to accomplish this and grow as a person. The combination of working with the animal and caring for them enables the individual to grow emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually, as the therapy begins, the horse is like an empty canvas with no pre-conceived notions or opinions about the individuals caring for them and given they are rescues in need both physically & emotionally this can encourage the caring side of any individuals nature to develop.

SO where are we now! Well! To date (over 3 yrs) we have homed almost 300 horses/ponies the majority we have saved cross border from either being put to sleep, starvation or the factory and we have 65 here at HQ at present. We have five rehabilitation center’s around the country both North & South who help with our very important backing program and we could not begin to count the hundreds of individuals we have had the pleasure to serve these beautiful animals alongside! We know we have been asked to maybe try to tell you all the nice happy side of our organisation however my husband Joe & I really don’t want to insult your intelligence by telling you all there is a wonderful side to the rescue & care side of our charity, “There is not” its a hard daily struggle” with NO TIME OFF 24/7 !! But if you ask us what are the rewards!!!! Then we would tell you all:-

Its the look in their eyes when they know you are there for them!
Its the little whinny when you enter their stable even though you know they are to weak to get up!
Its the little touch of the nose the first time they cautiously come to you to say “I trust you”!
And the smart healthy step of them entering the horse box to go to their new loving home, where they will be loved, adored & protected for the rest of their lives! (never to know starvation or heartache again!)
We have the ones who come back, it didn’t work out but it will with the next person!

And the joy in the hearts of any individual who has ever come into contact with any of our beautiful darling rescues, young or old!

To date we have NEVER EVER put a horse/pony or donkey to sleep unless our vet has made the CALL! as they say around here and in over 300 + rescues to date we have only had to experience this horrible decision five times!

We wish we could give you all a rosy picture of what we do but the best we can give is the light at the end of the tunnel for all these wee rescues that is NOT an oncoming train!

I hope you appreciate I am not moaning in any way as there are NO words to describe the experience of emotions we have encountered over our four years in rescue “two where we hadn’t yet realized we were a rescue yet! And almost two as a registered charity and if we do come across as if we are its just we KNOW there is a huge world of individuals out there who get as much pleasure out of their horse, pony or donkey as we do and know it just sometimes takes a wee rattle at the cage to get your attention in order that we can draw you into our network of friends who we are confident want to join us in doing all they can to help what equine’s we can, during very difficult times!
The Irish are famous for their valor during crisis times and this roller a coaster ride is just one more journey for us all to either grit our teeth and bare it or to make the most of the ride!

Life is what you make it!
Thank’s for listening!
X Elaine Duffy (Co-Founder – Holly’s Horse Haven Charity)

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