Holly’s Horse Haven, located in Omeath, Co Louth have for 10yrs now been a 100% voluntary 24/7 cross border critical care & rehabilitation center. 

Named after our first rescue horse “HOLLY” the main aim of our charity is to strive to support animal welfare while creating socialization & confidence for all by increasing empathy with our Irish rescues.

Our charities purpose is to pursue our passion to help countless rescues from across the country while at the same time supporting “ALL” who wish to participate in the care & rehabilitation of our rescues. We welcome all to our community/social inclusion network whereby we strive to support health care organisations,  private  and parents groups whose main aim is to continually work towards improving the personal needs and desires of those individuals in our communities who have “Special Needs”.
Holly’s Community experience complements the Irish governments new directions model for day care service provision for adults and children with intellectual disabilities, mental health, autism & challenging behaviour.
Giving of yourself especially to rescue horses is reaching out an unconditional hand of love in often desperate circumstances and the connection between horse & human can be the beginning of an incredible mental and spiritual journey where we provide the power of love and in return our human perceptions begin to change and intensify. We gently and gradually become more in tune with the lingering sense of oneness between animal & human a state of unification where healing, strength & courage begin to flow from one to the other enabling our perceptions and emotions to evolve by slowing us down to connect with the spirit of the horse.

In retrospect of our Equine welfare programmes we also experienced an Eco-evolution derived over the years by the social needs of our many visitors as we identified the significance of the therapeutic element that horses bring to humans through our “Equine Reciprocal” therapy Model  

*** When Horse & Human are broken by life,

by rescuing the horse, I too am rescued!***   


HORSE LOVEHere we continually promote our “Creature Consciousness” community focusing on our Equine reciprocal therapy (the love you give, you receive) in a holistic, Back to Nature environment which embraces love & respect for the animal kingdom.

Promoting our “Creature Consciousness” is about creating a positive, unconditional future which encourages humans to share our planet with the Animal kingdom in an understanding & compassionate way:-

Many of our rescues come from traumatic circumstances and on a creature consciousness level we find it takes a powerful holistic energy to help them back to trust, however this takes focused collective energizing.

With this in mind we are now inviting those interested to join our “creature consciousness” healing network in order to support our rescues in need.

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Through our animal welfare ethos we also experienced many requests for more diverse projects through our social & community platforms and so the concept of our “Creature Consciousness & Go Green Community” was created by developing our Model to include Animal welfare education, social/community programmes, holistic and Eco growing projects that reach out to our many supporters encouraging engagement with our “Back to Nature” Social projects








Untitled drawing (8)After receiving our beautiful mural painted as part of a Belfast peace initiative gifted by a Newry Artist Jim Russell our charity were inspired to develop our plans for our “Catch A Falling star” fundraising campaign “A Star Shines brightest when it benefits others!” which will be part of our on line “Shop to Support” charity shop.  

Our charities plans are to also make our support T. Shirts & themed merchandising gifts competitively available from our on-line charity shop to other non profits, charities or groups who wish to carry out their own fundraising campaign, as they portray a powerful message that No matter what we look like, we are all perfect in our own way, and 

“The Brightest Stars are those who shine for the benefit of Others” 

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Donations are not about handouts!

Every penny makes a difference to our charitable commitments & by donating directly to Holly’s Horse Haven’s charity you can ensure that  you are supporting us as we try to make a transformational difference to the lives of every single rescue that comes through our doors.



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I BEAT THE BULLET! YEaaaaaaaaaa!

Please take a moment to check out this beautiful video of “KNIGHT” the little rescue as he shares his story from escaping the bullet to finding his loving, adoring Hu-mum & equine family! HAPPY AT LAST!

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