On this bright beautiful spring day Joe and Ann were simply checking ponies grazing in a picturesque pasture nestled in the scenic town land of Ravensdale. But this serine relaxing atmosphere was soon to be shattered as they spotted Fiona’s prominent red Louth SPCA van pulled in along a local road. Pulling up behind the van they spotted Fiona mobile phone in hand poised and ready for action! With disbelief she looked from Joe to Ann like they were beamed in from some alien space ship and glancing at her mobile phone she said with complete shock and surprise “I just dialed your number Joe and you’re here!” We have a problem we need to sort out right now! another drama! or just another day in the normal saga of an animal welfare inspector’s life, never knowing what the day holds or what trauma is going to unfold from one moment to the next.

So what now? there in front of them in the center of a large field stood pure mayhem, with four legs! The likes of which could only be experienced from a panoramic arena seat in a roman coliseum, while watching the famous gladiator “Spartacus” take on Goliath, Maximums and the Rock all rolled into one! There he was, standing in the middle of the field “weapon at the ready” was a tiny grade “A” gray welsh pony (we later named BUSTER!!)  in direct conflict with two 16 hand mare’s one in season, ONE NOT! And he was adamant they were both his trophies like it or not!  Blood pouring from the wee man he powered after them both, mentality of a mustang stallion, weapon glinting in the sun determined to claim his prize of honor  But never underestimate the shrewdness of a female as swiftly “NOT IN SEASON” blocked him with a round house swoop (one of many he had already taken) that hurtled him across the field like a beach ball in the wind.

Hurling herself across the field in defense of the gladiator Ann grabbed the wee man insuring the predator female could not come in for the final kill while “IN SEASON” launched a sneak attack from behind in order to continue the evolution of the equine world! well “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Ann defending from both ends of the arena held tight while Joe covered the ground like a gazelle in order to command some control of the mares, all coordinated of course from ground command “Fiona”, however Buster on realizing his male ego was AT RISK! From another male intruder JOE! took off on the defensive charging across the arena teeth gnashing, screams of wrath as he again launched his assault on his next victim, diving and dodging Joe managed to avert him while he rounded for yet another attack and in the meantime ground command (Fiona) ordered up reinforcements ie Peter & Nadelle with horse box in toe! To initiate a divide and concur tactic.

With mares finally slipped out of the field and secretly loaded, Buster squealed and pranced with fury and rage, blood flowing from his seriously injured eye and massively swollen nether regions they then managed to bundle him next into his separate chariot, with much screaming, biting, scaling at the battlement’s (back door of the horsebox) in order to move him to a secure stable in the center for both his safety and all those involved in Busters own wee private war!, So mares, Buster and crew arrived back separate and safe.
With Vet arriving just in time to save his eye (with seven stitches , and administer to the two mares who looked like they had just come through the Roman crusades all on there own (they needed, vet checked, with injured legs, necks, backs and ego’s!)they all came through the disaster, just about!

After a week of stable rest the mares were taken home by their owner and Buster is now settled, gelded and quite contented with his own army of  volunteer devotees at his beck and call!

He will continue his life much more contented and at peace here at the center with all those who have the pleasure & joy of meeting him!

Just another day in the life of an animal protection inspectors & volunteers.