Holly's  Horse Haven's Rescue Journey

Since 2008 so many rescues have passed though the doors of Holly’s Horse Haven many of whom were casualties of the Celtic Tiger here in Ireland, when times were great everyone had a horses, however when difficult circumstances hit the economy these extra luxuries had to be disposed off and unfortunately on many occasions this lead to inappropriate treatment of these wonderful creatures.

Abandonment, neglect and mistreatment all contributed to many times over 120 rescues being cared for and treated during these critical winter months at Holly’s Horse Haven, and along with the combined efforts from the Dept. Of agriculture, Garda, County Pounds, County Council’s and the support of public volunteers over a 1000 horses, ponies & donkeys were all cared for loved, rehabilitated and homed to so many caring families around the country.

We have all given 100% on a 24/7 critical care basis and continue to be here for so many rescues in need.

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