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Holly's Horse Haven Community

"A peaceful sanctuary from a senseless world of equine abuse"

Where there's life there's hope!

Joe & Elaine Duffy Co. Founders of Holly's Horse Haven charity welcome you to their Blog.

Holly’s Horse Haven, located in Omeath, Co. Louth, Ireland have for 15 years been a 100% voluntary 24/7 critical care & rehabilitation center. Named after our first rescue horse “HOLLY” the main aim of the charity is to strive to support equines in need.

We promote a reciprocal engagement (What you give, You receive!) which affords all volunteers partaking in the rehabilitation of our many rescues the opportunity to enable them to not only make a difference to their own lives but to the lives of our very special rescues!

"When horse and human are broken by life, by rescuing that horse, I too am rescued"!

Compassion, community, caring, love, companionship, giving…, are all attributes gained by your unconditional service to these amazing creatures.

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