To provide a caring, positive environment for those horses that have either been neglected, abused, abandoned, or at risk of going to slaughter. We will place these horses in an environment that benefits both the horse and the adoptive/foster family.

Holly’s Horse Haven Charity are a 24/7 critical care charity run on a 100% voluntary basis, with over 10yrs experience in the rehabilitation & re-homing of the countless rescues that pass through our doors.

Holly’s Horse Haven voluntary group formed with hard work, dedication, and compassion for horses, this group of horse lovers originally began by taking in people’s misfit/unwanted horses. We are dedicated to preventing unnecessary slaughter, abuse, and neglect of horses. The centre established in 2008 as a home for Holly our very first rescue to prevent her from going to slaughter at the factory.


When adopting one of our rescues the horse, pony or donkey is yours for life unless circumstances change and in this instance  the rescue must be returned to Holly's Horse Haven.


None of our rescues can ever be sold, however if circumstances change the adaptor  can contact the office to arrange returning the rescue (we do not uplift ) or to nominate  a family member or friend to take over the placement, with new adoption forms filled.

Ph:  + 353 (o) 858078923

E mail:


We are always delighted to be supported by wonderful individuals, groups or training centres who kindly offer to assist us with our many rescues by taking them to their own facilities to assist with grazing and rehabilitation. 

Ph:  + 353 (o) 858078923

E mail:

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